Chuck Sigars

Chuck Sigars was born in 1958 in southern California and grew up in Arizona before moving to the Pacific Northwest in 1983. Beginning his creative career as an actor (with a brief detour as a stand-up comedian), he began writing plays, including “Take My Life,” which won the New City Theater Festival (Seattle) in 1985.

He began writing his newspaper column, “Chuck’s World,” in 2001 for Beacon Publishing, Inc., and continues to the present, along with multiple essays for the Seattle Times and various other publications. He is the author of three collections of essays, The World According to Chuck (2 editions), Mr. Chuck Explains It All: Four Seasons In Snohomish County, and 50 Is The New Nothing. His latest book, Learning to Walk, was published in Spring 2015.

Chuck can be also be seen in the Seattle-based feature film Winning Dad, written and directed by Arthur Allen. Click the link to watch (rent or buy). It’s good.

Chuck Sigars has been married since 1983 to Julie Kae Sigars, a popular Northwest soprano, educator and Presbyterian minister. He has 2 children, Beth, 32, and John, 27.

Latest column, July 19, 2017: A Hero For Our Time

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