Beta Blogging

I swear, I was this close to writing something about putting the pieces of my life back together. It’s hard to do that with a straight face when your words are surrounded by Legos. I’m going to have to be very careful, metaphorically speaking, from now on. Sticking together, coming apart, building something out of nothing, order out of chaos…I’m thinking these are all off the table.

My thanks to Gordon Atkinson, who made this site possible from the very beginning, and also to Liz Ek and Meg Fowler, who did some virtual hand holding yesterday while I flailed about this site, trying to get everything to fit together.

Shoot. Did it again. Sorry.

As far as housekeeping: I have some blogroll things to add (I apologize to Drew and Deb), along with self-promoting pages and a decent About Me (Mom, can you write that? Be discreet). There are tweaks to come and graphics to seek out, decisions to make, and possibly a hundred themes to try before I ultimately, probably, come back to the little plastic toys.

But this is where I live now. Bookmark, comment, link, grab a feed, tell your friends.

I have been organizing myself in the past few months, so this feels right. I’ve been slowly archiving the clutter, looking for coherence and settling for stability. And serenity, of course. Always a goal.

Hmm. What else? My current column is up today. My son (so far) is not. My Internet connection seems to be humming this morning. There is something falling from the sky that looks suspiciously like snow.

Oh, and Julie had a good birthday yesterday, I think, although she worked all day and didn’t make it home until almost 9:30 last night. But John and I had dinner ready, including a huge rib eye that I lovingly broiled and came out just like in a restaurant except a lot less expensive and not as good.

So here we are. Welcome. I’ll do my best to post as intermittently as always, and feel free to let me know what you think in terms of design, content, spelling errors, etc.

Just put your toys back in the box before going home. I’m really trying to get organized here.

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