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I haven’t posted on the Don Imus situation, and the reason for that I finally managed to articulate yesterday in a conversation with Julie. To sum up:

Please explain to me why I should care.

I didn’t listen to his show. I don’t own stock in MSNBC or CBS Radio. I don’t follow college basketball. I’m not related to, or know (or knew) anything about the Rutgers players.

I have had some passing thoughts on the lack of civility in my country, which I’ve expressed from time to time, but like most things I just try to monitor my own behavior and hope for the best.

The most intelligent comment on this affair, though, which has been said so many times now that my Accidental Plagiarize Alert is going off, is this: It wasn’t funny.

It was supposed to be funny, I guess, a couple of white guys tossing around “ho” to be, I dunno, sardonic or referential or mocking or something, but I fail to see it. What it was, to me, was odd, and stupid, and unfunny. I wasn’t offended or hurt or shocked, just bored.

But enough about Imus. I’m going to link to what I think is a very funny video clip, a short (very short) film Julie found this morning, originating on Huffington Post. I didn’t think about it until I read some of the comments on that site, so I felt a caveat was in order.

It’s Will Ferrell. Some people don’t find him funny. I think he can be funny, and interesting, but that’s just me.

It features a few mildly naughty words, nothing extraordinary, but some people don’t like that.

One mildly naughty word is uttered by a child, a child who is either repeating sounds phonetically or just saying nonsense that is creatively interpreted (subtitles) for the sake of humor.

It made me laugh aloud, and I’m always up for a laugh. I’d hope it would make you laugh, too, especially if your Saturday is a little slow. But Lord knows I don’t want to offend, so watch at your own risk.

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