Goodbye To All That

On Splash Mountain and similar rides at Disney parks, as you crest and prepare for the final big drop and splash a picture is automatically taken. These are randomly displayed on video screens so people waiting in line for four hours can have something to think about.

Also, people can buy these pictures for keepsakes.

(Full disclosure: I once lost a hat on Splash Mountain, coming down that final drop. They said they would send it to me if I wanted, but I didn’t want. I bought an Indiana Jones fedora instead, which John now wears a lot.)

And apparently over the years more than one person of the female persuasion has considered it a unique opportunity to grab a moment of fame, or notoriety, or something. Alcohol might be involved, I’m thinking, but then I really don’t understand people most of the time.

At any rate, these women expose their breastal areas, a picture is taken, and Disney dutifully has assigned watchers to screen for wanton and unwanted boobies.

Until yesterday, when they announced they were discontinuing this practice.

First of all, I’m thinking that the people who were hired specifically for this job and are now out of work have some interesting resume preparation ahead.

Secondly, why the change? Has Disney suddenly gotten over itself? Have they developed a sense of humor? Are they cost cutting?

No. Apparently it’s simply that not enough flashers are riding, or not enough riders are flashing, to make it worthwhile.

To which I say: The terrorists have won.


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