Five People I Wish Weren’t In Heaven Yet

I didn’t and don’t have particular feelings about Maurice Sendak, other than the usual accolades and amazement.  I get the impression he was an odd, sort of haunted man, which drove his creativity, but then duh.

But whenever someone famous passes, I come back to this: There are people who cross my mind occasionally, again famous, not personal, people who are no longer with us, and I have these jolts of sadness.  I can’t explain it or have much of a desire to.

I could make a longer list.  These are five who crop up often.  Again, I have no interest in trying to explain it.  I just feel the world is less well.




























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  1. I will note that these are people who still could be theoretically alive. Don Knotts would be pushing 90 and Johnny Cash would be 80, the rest younger. I just mean I don’t feel the same way about Albert Einstein or Humphrey Bogart.

  2. What’s really sad is that most of these guys were still working when they died. They still had something to contribute. Even Don Knotts was still doing cartoon voiceovers. Good list, Chuck!

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