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Over the course of months, while we waited for a thumb’s up on the ordination, I played around with the idea if doing a live stream of the ceremony. It would never be perfect without far more audio work and more cameras, etc, but I thought at least I could get a decent picture and sound. On one dry run I tried using my PC and Webcam, but that had limited range. It struck me, then, that I could use a Ustream app with iPhone. Better camera, more mobility.

I went through a range of tripod things, all of which ultimately broke (and the best one was delayed in shipping and arrived after the ordination). With this spider-like contraception, though, it would hold the iPhone still, and one night, looking at an empty plastic deli container, I got an idea. Shoving the legs down into the plastic provided a solid base to haul the camera around.

And it worked reasonably well. Sound was still an issue, something to be worked on, but this was really ad hoc (and I was out of town the weekend before the ordination, so no dry run).

At any rate, it did the job, and John manned the deli tray like a good soldier, although he got curious looks. Including from the photographer, who took several of him holding it. Call it jury-rigged, call it innovative, call it whatever you want. Some folks far away got a glimpse of a special day.

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