Zeroes and Ones, The Hard Way

For reasons that are unclear but I’ll go out on a limb and attribute to a sudden organic spasm of wanting to spend money, I bought one of those turntables that digitize your vinyl albums.  Digitizing For Dummies, in other words.  I’ve seen these in stores, always sneered, how hard is it?

It’s not hard.  But it’s a hassle, and this makes it easier, and we’ll ignore for the moment the necessity because it was a close-out sale, less than 40 bucks.

OK.  Back to necessity.  As Tommy Lee Jones eloquently pointed out in the first Men In Black movie, some of us are going to be buying The White Album over and over again for the rest of our lives.  Ignoring the current movement among the kids and others to get all aesthetic over the clicks and crackles of authentic vinyl, music the way God intended, I’d much rather just buy the latest digital version of whatever.  Particularly since I probably only want one or two songs.  Our vinyl collection is large and only slightly more sentimental than our collection of college text books, serving pretty much the same function (i.e., taking up space and encouraging dust mites).

But.  There are a few albums that aren’t available in digital form, particularly from Julie’s classical collection, so there you go.  And yesterday she handed me Bernstein’s Mass, which is remarkable by the way, a two-album set, additional lyrics by Stephen Schwartz in his pre-Wicked days, and I turned it into four mp3s while I did something else.  It was a nice feeling.

Just noticed that it’s available (of course) in digital form, but hey.  It’s about doing it yourself, right?


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