Wheels up! Or Down. Or New!

Not to be mean, or to gloat, or even bask.  Just to remind myself, if I wander back here one day, that at least once in August when I had three days of relative freedom the weather played along.

Freedom maybe not so much, depends.

We took our poor Saturn into the dealership yesterday, as it had failed emission testing, and I should add that “we” means “Julie” in this case, and that whole emission testing thing?  It came after we realized that we’d forgotten to renew our tags by the end of July.

And that “we” up there?  Also means “Julie.”  Trying to be fair.  We have a division of labor.

We’re a one-car household, which I’ve noted before.  Like ditching cable TV or not eating a lot of red meat, it seemed unlikely until we actually did it.  Then it was fine.  I can walk, John doesn’t move around much.  Inconvenient a lot, but you can deal with inconvenient when the benefits are so broad.

But it was funny, listening to the lady from the dealership on the phone talk with Julie, which I could hear clearly for the most part.  There were issues with coils and gunk, and this person suggested that maybe since this 1999 Saturn only had 86,000 miles on it, it wasn’t driven often and therefore the build-up.

She was corrected, of course.  That’s a hundred and eighty-six thousand, and so here we are.  I have no idea where we’ll be at the end of the day, either.  Maybe extensive and expensive car repairs.  Maybe a new car that will not be new by any means.  Exciting!

Well.  It’s been so long – we bought this car almost exactly eight years ago – that this feels like new territory.  Cars feel expensive, too, just because it’s been so long.  Are you kidding me?  $15,000 for a used car?  But I know what’s going on, I know that I’m out of the consumer loop on this one, and I know we’ll manage to work this out eventually.  We’re not sweating it, just looking at details.

But this is the downside of the simple life, like trying to park in the big city: If you’re not used to it, the whole process starts to seem unnatural.

For the record, though: I have a few days free of client obligations.  The weather looks perfect.  At some point we will be spending money we’d rather not part with, but we have, and looking at it that way it starts to feel pretty simple itself.


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