Start Now.

So many things are happening, and it feels faintly dishonest not to say anything, just the residue of singing like a canary about every trivial detail in my life for the past 14 years in public.  But more to come, let’s say, and probably a lot more, and probably some of it borderline obnoxious and easily ignored. You take your chances.

I lost a contract with a client that provided a boring but nice income that paid a lot of bills, allowing me to write, which paid only a few bills. And after all of these years of being at home, keeping an eye on the little kids and now the one big man who still needs me, I wonder if at 56 I’m unemployable.

And the whole thing makes me sort of giddy, which I can’t explain except to say that when the future, even at my age, becomes the only good idea worth dwelling on, that means I’m living life in the right direction. Not that poverty is a fun idea, but we’re not near there yet. I just lost a job. It happens. Especially right around this time of life. And I disliked that job a lot.

I wrote a new book, and it will be out soon, and there some of the borderline obnoxious behavior might come in. Not to pay the bills; hard to do that this side of John Grisham. Just making people aware, and just to write about things that are important to me, things I’ve seen, things that have happened and surprised us by their capacity to inspire resilience.

Resilience just means staying alive, anyway, and here I am. Adventure time, as a friend just said. Not going away soon.

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