Move Those Chains

I just texted my wife in Austin to ask her when she comes back home. It looked so plaintive on the phone.

It actually doesn’t feel like she’s been gone very long, and she hasn’t. With the holidays and our cold snap, I’ve been preoccupied with staying warm and watching football. I just couldn’t remember when.

It turns out to be tomorrow night, which I sort of knew, a quick trip. It’ll be followed in less than two weeks by all three of us flying to Phoenix for my mom’s 80th birthday, so 2017 will start with all of us feeling off balance. This is not always a bad thing.

I have no inkling about how I’ll view this new year in the rearview mirror. I have no resolutions, no particular goals aside from general ones, the same ones that play around in my brain at other times. Eat better. Move more. Write better and more. Earn money.

And maybe try connecting in different ways, since I’ve long since become uninterested in social media. I was enthusiastic at the beginning and up until a few years ago, I saw potential for all sorts of things. It just didn’t work out that way, exacerbating more than anything else.

I also had some personal loss in 2016, people I cared about and relationships I could have worked harder at. I don’t have regrets as much as inspiration to do better. Try better.

Be better. There’s a resolution.

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