White Is The New Gray

Winter tends to stop a month early up here, if only in the sense that by the third week of February, roughly, we’ve seen the last of the big Pacific storms. In any given year, of course…but this generally works out, and at least for me it’s a light at the end of a very cloudy tunnel. We’ll still have clouds and rain and wind, and these past 12 months have produced some weather anomalies so everything’s still on the table.

But I’ve got no complaints. If anything, I sort of longed for a decent snow, just for old times’ sake. We got one of those yesterday, and it was plenty. Not as bad here as down south and east, from what I can tell; we maybe had 5 or 6 inches, but I didn’t go out to get a good look. All three of us stayed inside, the correct response to snow in my opinion.

Scraping it off the car this morning at 6:30, and negotiating the hills, cured me of any lingering romanticism about snow. Really, I think a screensaver would do it for me as far as watching the world turn white.


I spent part of yesterday goofing around with Premiere, learning how to create a simple animation without the need for AfterEffects or some other expensive software that I don’t need. This is all done with my grandson in mind; I have sort of an idea bubbling around upstairs about making him videos, with an animated grandpa avatar who travels to far-flung places where they have hippos. I’m getting there.

This is all a result of the new PC, which lets me take an idea and build it from scratch in a few minutes, as opposed to an hour. Below is an animated GIF, which may or may not work. It’s a pretty simple trick, but enough to keep me amused. Obviously does not work. Here, I mean.

And snow. No special effects necessary.

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