Not A Drop To Drink

We are drowning here. It’s always awkward to refer to rain and the Pacific Northwest; like reporting a Phoenix heat wave in August. Yeah, yeah. It comes with the territory.

Our territory is really soggy, though. It was a soggy autumn and a soggy winter and since we’re essentially in spring up here, so far par for the course.

A positive is that our windstorm season is over (it can happen, just less likely past February to get a big one), so trees are pretty safe by now, reasonably secure in that soaked soil. Some warmer weather melted a lot of snow and the rivers are high, but even that seems reasonably managed. And once again, we have plenty of water for the summer in case some fool decides to water his lawn (oh, not really a fool. I’ve just never seen the point this side of a golf course, but whatever).

But the slightly, slightly warmer weather (another story) compels me to head outside, and pouring rain makes that compulsion less exciting. I did manage to run the lawn mower over the front the other day, just to keep it manageable, although it hasn’t taken off yet. A little growth. Not a worry.


I’m tasked this year with heading the stewardship committee for my church. Stewardship is the church word for fundraising, the season in which we ask for annual pledges so we can form a budget. This is my second go at being someone asking other someones for money, and it’s not like I’m learning how to get it right. I’m the last person on the planet for this kind of thing, it turns out.

It’s not that I’m philosophically or even morally opposed to picking a few well-lined pockets for a good cause. That’s how this sort of thing works. I just really, really suck at it.

But my job is mostly to find a way of telling stories of our little community, and that I can do. So the rest is routine, writing a letter, explain the budget simply in case people don’t care to read it or don’t understand numbers all that well, toss in a pledge card and we’re done. The rest is filming church members talking about their experiences and putting them up online, eventually combining them all into a finished film after all is done.

My film editing skills, assuming I keep an eye out for creeping sentimentality, are getting better now that I have some oomph in my CPU. Honestly, in the past I had to make edits and then render the thing, only then getting a smooth playback. That’s where the errors pop up, and sometimes I just left them, unsatisfied but doing the best I could. Now I can at least feel confident that when I make a cut, it’ll be a smooth one.

Budget cuts would not be smooth, on the other hand, as we seem to be a pretty bare-bones church and had to let office staff go last year because of pledges being down. We shall see. I have a letter to write. Send money.

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