The Grass Is Greener

I’m sure it’s fascinating for weather geeks and meteorologists to observe the Pacific Northwest. The mountains and water come together to produce unique weather.

It’s just sort of dull. Yesterday the entire region was waiting breathlessly for an aberration, a very unusual (for this time of year, but really any time) pattern of warm and unstable air, creating convection and some remarkable clouds, but leading to the inevitable, which is what everyone was all aflutter about.

This would be thunderstorms. Unusual up here for certain; it’s just not normally in the cards. We’re almost never muggy the way we were yesterday. It was a huge story, with Twitter going crazy and updates coming constantly.

For thunderstorms. A little lightning. It lasted about 10 minutes up here. Woohoo.

But speaking of which, we’re pretty soggy here. Saturated, really. The past nine months wouldn’t surprise anyone who’s ever experienced Seattle seasons that didn’t include August: Gray and wet, alert the media. It’s just the cumulative effect, though, of day after day without much in the way of a break We got wet and stayed wet.

This created a sense of lawn-mowing urgency, at least in me. I mean, since I’m wallowing in trivial matters here. Might as well indulge.

I can’t mow my lawn in the rain; no one should, but people do. I just have an electric lawnmower, which rules out wet, so it’s a constant dance of timing. I took advantage this week of some sun to get out there and mow it a couple of times, but I can’t relax yet. That grass is thick and lush, nice to see but totally useless to me and a pain to cut after a few days of growing.

My son would do it, but here’s where my father lives in me. I’m not willing to turn over my lawn to someone who’s never mowed it, as strange as that sounds, until it’s manageable. I know this yard like I know my own face in the mirror when I shave.

I’m going to Arizona soon, to see my mother and help out as she prepares to sell her house and move, and just to be a presence as she’s having some health issues at the moment. I always enjoying visiting and spending time with her, and I’m glad I can help. I just haven’t figured out how to get the grass to stop growing for a week. Suggestions welcome.

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