Once And Future

I’ve been reluctant to post here for a while. I just realized this.

It’s all housekeeping, although I haven’t felt particularly inspired anyway. But I’m going to move my domain to a new host soon, or I think I am, and it’s possible I’m starting over from scratch. This appeals to me for several reasons.

I have 10 years of blog posts, though. Right here. You can go back and read posts from May 2007, if that’s your idea of a good time. And while slate-cleaning sounds nice, I note that I wrote 58 posts in that month a decade ago. It’s hard to consign that stuff to the WayBack Machine.

Still, it may come to that. My current host is a friend’s server, offered up a dozen years ago or so. It’s like getting free rent but without recourse, or not much recourse. There appears to be some sort of minor backdoor bug in my backup file, which would explain some hijacking people have complained about when they click on a link to my blog on a mobile device. My virus software will not even permit the download, so unless I can figure out how to fix that I’m not going to be migrating anytime soon.

And before you ask, not that you would, tech support for this server is strong but, of course, I can’t really ask people to divert their attention to my little site from paying customers.

So, you see, whatever I write today may be essentially gone by next week. I’m really comfortable with the ephemeral nature of what I do, but that doesn’t mean I’m happy to toss it away. And I won’t, even if I have to manually scrape it for anything worth saving.

The empiricism intrigues me. Does a blog post exist if no one reads it anymore?

This is what’s on my mind today, at any rate. Along with a bunch of other stuff, none of which I feel inspired to write about at the moment, which is probably the key to all of this anyway.

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