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Learning To Walk (2015)







Fifty Is The New Nothing: Starting Over In The Middle (2011)







Mr. Chuck Explains It All: Four Seasons In Snohomish County (2008)







The World According to Chuck: Stories of fathers, daughters, dogs, preachers, baseball, and sponge puppets.

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  1. Chuck Sigars writes with warmth, wisdom and–best of all–a delightfully self-deprecating sense of humor. The column format is perfect for his wit and talent. His theatrical background also adds to the all-important rhythm of his writing.

    His unexpected encounter with Santa Claus in “A Winter’s Tale” has become a seasonal classic in my home. I’ve also read it aloud on several Christmas programs. It ranks right up there with Dickens and Dr. Seuss.

    His characteristic style and humor are well- represented by this short excerpt from another piece:

    “See, I have these rules about life. . . . They’re mostly common sense. For example, rule #11 states, ‘If your plans for the evening include drinking beer and trimming your beard, do the beard first.’ See? Common sense.”

    I heartily recommend this work.

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